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Welcome to When Things Happen at Work (WTHaW), the employment relationships and conflict management resource website about people, circumstances, and what to do now.

Our goal is to advance understanding to enhance practice through a focus on the people dynamics of work and the circumstances that emerge.

To assist in the development of best practices, we explore the core concepts of context, conflict, and negotiation. This exploration is grounded in the following five ideas:

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Employment Relationships and the Management of Conflict

The two part series “Employment Relationships and the Management of Conflict” offers an in-depth learning opportunity. Go to Modules and login to access the content.


People, Change, and Human Resource Dynamics

Do you work in a unionized environment?... NEGOTIATIONS, BARGAINING & "The Essentials"

Do you work in a unionized environment?... NEGOTIATIONS, BARGAINING & "The Essentials"

We are all negotiators and while we may negotiate in many forums and have a variety of negotiating experiences, we don’t bargain collectively all the time! 

Unleash the power of negotiation with “Collective Bargaining Preparation Essentials (revised),” your ultimate guide to mastering the art and science of collective bargaining preparation. In a world where negotiation is ever present – from personal relationships to professional endeavors – this resource focuses on the unique challenges posed by the negotiation or renegotiation of employees’ terms and conditions of employment. 

This handbook isn’t just a guide; it’s a strategic ally. With a sharp focus on preparing for and engaging constructively in collective bargaining, it offers insights into the intricate dynamics between unions and employers. Packed with preparation guidelines, proven strategies, and alternative approaches, it empowers negotiators to shape agreements that codify the terms both parties can endorse. 

Whether you’re a seasoned negotiator or a newcomer to the collective bargaining arena, “Collective Bargaining Preparation Essentials (revised)” equips you with the tools to refine your approach to bargaining preparation, adapt to diverse scenarios, and achieve successful outcomes that foster constructive relationships and secure mutually beneficial agreements.